About Us

Our Mission

  • To support education, research and student development at BIT Mesra (BITM)
  • To foster friendship, mutual support and collaboration among BITM alumni
  • To facilitate generous support from alumni for enhancing the education, research, facilities and student life at BITM


Our Vision

A Thriving Alumni Community:

  • Caring for each other
  • Taking pride in the accomplishments of BITM and BITM alumni
  • Committed to helping BITM become a world-renowned institution for education and research


Our Strategies

  • Build and maintain accurate, complete and current information about BITM alumni
  • Create opportunities and forums for frequent interaction among BIT alumni, regionally, nationally and globally
  • Nurture a culture of philanthropy and volunteerism among the alumni to help improve education, research, student life and campus facilities
  • Help create tie-ins between BITM and reputable US universities including exchange programs for students and faculty.



The formation of BITMAA-NA (BIT Mesra  Alumni Association - North America) was inspired by three events in 2013:

  • The Class of 1963 50th Anniversary Reunion
  • Visit of Class of 1963 alumni to BIT Mesra campus
  • Interest and Support for establishing a Class of 1963 Legacy Fund


The Class of 1963 50th Anniversary Reunion

The Reunion was a miraculous and memorable event. Barely nine months earlier, hardly anyone in the Class of 1963 had any contact with, or knew the whereabouts of, the rest of our classmates. We literally had to start from scratch and search far and wide to locate others, one friend at a time. Thanks to modern technology, we were able to search, and locate, reconnect, instantly communicate and organize the Reunion Using email, Facebook, Linked-In, Google, Phunwa and a host of other resources, and spending countless hours on the phone, we tracked down nearly 175 of our 270 classmates. We collaborated across continents and time zones and built an online database, created a website and published a state-of-the-art souvenir with the photographs and information of our classmates and their families.

It was indeed a memorable and joyous celebration for nearly seventy 70-year olds and their spouses who attended the three-day celebration. We felt 50 years younger and relived the fond memories of our time at BIT.

The effort to organize the Reunion also highlighted and brought to focus the lack of accurate, current and complete information about BITM alumni. We feel that the lessons we learned and the systems we developed can be leveraged and used to help all BITM alumni, particularly those in North America, under the auspices of BITMAA-NA.

Visit to BIT Mesra Campus

It was also an opportunity for many in the Class of 1963 to see BITM as it is today and to realize the challenges, opportunities and potential of the institution, community and alumni. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that BITM has earned and established a reputation for itself as one of the premier educational institutions. It has nearly 50,000 alumni, many of who have been immensely successful in their careers and chosen professions. Many in the class of 1963 have distinguished themselves in academia, engineering, entrepreneurship and at least one, in the film industry.

The campus, in many ways, looks and feels the same - the wooded environs, the river, the main building and quadrangle - except that there are many more structures and lot more students - male and female. We found the students to be intelligent, articulate, talented, eager and ambitious.

Our visit also highlighted and brought to focus the opportunity for the alumni and the institution to collaborate in several areas. We found the campus lacking many modern amenities and sorely in need of across-the-board repairs, clean-up and modernization. For example, the dormitories, class rooms and laboratories, in many cases, are exactly as they were half a century ago - just older and often obsolete. During the same period, the rest of the industrialized world has gone through several generations of modernization and renewal.

Many of us are familiar with word-class educational institutions and campuses - as students, faculty or visitors. As BITM alumni, we have an opportunity to influence and support the modernization of BITM.
Our collective voice will be clearer, louder and more effective under the BITMAA-NA banner.


BITMAA-NA: It Is About Time!

The time is ripe for the BITM alumni to get involved in an organized way to help the Institute catch up with the times, live up to its reputation and stay ahead of its competition. The time is ripe for the formation of an organization to mobilize the support and resources of BITM alumni for the enhancement of education, research, facilities and student life at our alma mater.

On October 2, 2013, BITMAA-NA was incorporated as a Not-For-Profit Corporation in Illinois, USA with a majority of the founding directors from the Class of 1963. On November 19, 2014, BITMAA-NA was granted tax-exempt status by IRS under section 501(c)(3).

We invite and encourage BITM alumni from all classes to become members, leaders and stewards of BITMAA-NA and assume responsibility for its growth, viability and success. 

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