In Memory of Manmohan Pant - Class of 1966

Manmohan Pant

Manmohan Pant , an alumnus from 1961-66 batch (Mechanical Engineering), passed away on January 20th 2017.  He had a Cardiac arrest while he was at a South Indian Ayurvedic treatment center.  He was taken to Delhi and cremated there on January 22nd

This was a shocking news for 1961-65 batch mates, as Manmohan was planning to have a mini get-together a week later in Bangalore with his 7-8 BIT class friends.

Manmohan lived in Mesa, Arizona, USA and he is survived by his wife Jonita, his daughter Sonia and son Sanjay.

After passing BIT, Mesra in 1966, Manmohan worked at Hindustan Motors.  Later on when many of his BIT friends were moving to USA, he took that opportunity to also move.  Manmohan was a very jolly fellow.  He used to often say that moving to US was one of his best acts.

Manmohan was talented, and full of life.  He told us that he and his wife were invited at White House by President Regan to show country’s gratitude for designing X- ray tube.

Manmohan was instrumental  in organizing Golden  Jubilee at BIT Mesra, Ranchi in 2011 and 2015.

He was a great disciple of lord Shiva.  In my mind, I see Manmohan in heaven with lord Shiva, smoking ganga and having a ball, ha--ha.  Have peace my friend we shall cherish the time spent with you and shall be lonely folks now.

Prepared by: Yogesh Chandra – 1961-1965 Batch

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